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Tunisie : aucune entreprise tunisienne dans le classement de Forbes




Selon une enquête, l’entrepreneuriat séduit 75% des jeunes Africains

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Une enquête publiée en marge de la troisième édition du New York Forum Africa (NYFA)  qui s’achève ce dimanche à Libreville, a révélé que la fibre entrepreneuriale est très présente en Afrique. L’entrepreneuriat séduit 75% des jeunes interrogés, qui disent «avoir envie de monter leur propre affaire », selon cette enquête menée en ligne auprès de 5000 jeunes, dont 85% ont entre 16 et 26 ans,  sur la base d’un questionnaire portant notamment sur l’éducation, l’emploi, et entrepreneuriat. (suite…)

What Motivates Women Entrepreneurs in the MENA region

Entrepreneurship in Middle East and North Africa: New Evidence on Motivational Factors for Females

(This is a guest post by Beschir Hussain, WHU-Otto Beisheim School of Management, and Ammar Rizvi, University of Oxford)

A study has found that one of the most significant challenge female entrepreneurs in the MENA region face is a lack of experience. (Photo used for illustrative purposes only) (suite…)

A co-working space to develop the Tunisian entrepreneurial ecosystem

Who better than entrepreneurs to solve Tunisia’s most pressing social, economic and environmental challenges and contribute to the development of a post-revolution vibrant (green) economy embodying both wealth and wellbeing? (suite…)

How to Attract FDI to Maghreb: Casablanca Financial City a la ‘Shenzhen’

Posted by on November 11, 2013 in Business, Emerging Markets, Features | 1 Comment

morocco-cfcWhen in January 2013 the chief of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Christine Lagarde, attended the 5th international conference of finance ministers and central banks governors of the Maghreb countries, she talked about the necessity of boosting growth and employment within the region, while also reminding the distinguished audience that political issues still constitute a significant obstacle to achieving this goal. According to the IMF, the region should aim to achieve more openness, more integration and more FDI. (suite…)

قمة أبوظبي للإعلام تبرز مكانة المرأة العربية في مجال الأعمال

أكد مشاركون في جلسات قمة أبوظبي للإعلام 2013، التي اختتمت أعمالها، مساء الخميس المنصرم، أهمية دور المرأة العربية في ريادة الأعمال وكيفية استفادتها من عالم الإعلام الرقمي في الدفاع عن قضاياها وأحقيتها في الظهور إعلاميًا، بحيث يكون لها دور فاعل في الشأن السياسي. 

She Entrepreneurs

She Entrepreneurs is a leadership programme for young emerging women social entrepreneurs in the Middle East, North Africa and Sweden. The programme aims to give the participants innovative tools for sustainable change while seeking to create an active network of women change-makers. (suite…)

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