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بوابة تواصل التونسية الليبية tawa-sol.org

تعلمكم جمعية تواصل التونسية الليبية بدخول بوابتها الالكترونية حيز العمل 



How to Attract FDI to Maghreb: Casablanca Financial City a la ‘Shenzhen’

Posted by on November 11, 2013 in Business, Emerging Markets, Features | 1 Comment

morocco-cfcWhen in January 2013 the chief of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Christine Lagarde, attended the 5th international conference of finance ministers and central banks governors of the Maghreb countries, she talked about the necessity of boosting growth and employment within the region, while also reminding the distinguished audience that political issues still constitute a significant obstacle to achieving this goal. According to the IMF, the region should aim to achieve more openness, more integration and more FDI. (suite…)

Tunisie #10 dans le Top 10 trafic passager, en millions

L’association internationale des aéroports (IAC) a transmis le 6 juin à « Jeune Afrique » son dernier classement des aéroports du continent. Johannesburg continue de dominer la liste. Abidjan opère un spectaculaire redécollage. (suite…)

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