Last day : 23rd WAIPA World Investment Conference


The 23rd annual WAIPA World Investment Conference (#WIC18) is being held in Xiamen, China, from 7-9 September 2018. This annual meeting will bring together Investment Promotion Agencies (IPAs) from all around the world; other government officials, development sector leaders, private sector representatives and academics relevant to FDI policy and strategy.

At last year’s WIC in Dubai (2017), it was emphasized that Foreign direct investments are vital to maintain and strengthen economic growth. FDI boost technological innovation, know-how transfer, contributes to job creation and adds productive capacity to the global economy. In recent years, we witnessed an ever-growing flow of FDI from developed into developing countries. However, also FDI from developing economies to developing ones grows steadily, creating thus beneficial spillovers through FDI all around the world contributing directly to welfare and prosperity.

That is why WAIPA continues to put full effort on empowerment of IPAs and their corporate development with the support of other international bodies and global community and created this year together with its Consultative Committee Members programs and projects to enhance IPAs capacities to enter a new era in FDI, our overarching theme for this conference. It will guide our discussions in the different sessions of#WIC18.

WAIPA #WIC18 Xiamen debate sessions will focus on the following topics:

  • Increasing Domestic Value Addition (DVA) through FDI: How to link local enterprises with FDI companies in the country
  • Business impacts through technology and partnerships
  • The rise of subnational IPAs. What does the future bring?

WAIPA believes in partnerships and cooperation and brings together the three key players to discuss what makes investments more sustainable: global businesses, Investment Promotion Agency (IPA) professionals that can help scale up quality of investment promotion and the leaders of relevant international organizations.

CIFIT, CIPA and WAIPA welcome all IPA officials, members, and partners at WAIPAs flagship event.

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