TBS Challenge – Apply now !!

Business students from all Tunisian universities and colleges are invited to compete in TBS Challenge. Four-student teams will develop ideas for social enterprises that can help solve the economic difficulties in underserved regions.



From the 5th to the 28th of February, TBS Challenge candidates have to submit their applications. They need to include a detailed description of their projects. (You may download the file here).


A professional jury will study and assess, according to specific evaluation criteria, the submitted business plans, and then select the semi finalists for TBS Challenge.

Finalists Selection

The semi-finalists will present their projects to the jury, and the five finalists will then be selected to compete on April 2nd, the final competition day.


The five finalists will have the opportunity to attend TBS Entrepreneurship Week. Coaches from SmartEco will train the teams in social entrepreneurship and assist them in the development and elaboration of their project ideas.
Another coaching session will be provided by LargestInfo. The five finalists will receive training in communication and presentation skills. This will optimize their performance in front of the jury and audience on the final day of the competition.


TBS Challenge final competition day will take place in Tunis Business School on April 2nd. The finalists will present their projects to the jury and audience.  Important guests will attend the event including business people, professors, media representatives, and sponsors.
The winner of TBS Challenge will be announced at the end of the competition day.


TBS Challenge winners will immediately work to launch their social enterprise. Continued support and mentorship will be provided by the SmartEco throughout the fulfillment process of the start-up idea.

The following table describes the timeline of the event.

Time Event Place
01-05 February Event Announcement Online & At Schools
06 February Ideas submissions Online
28 February Deadline of the submissions Online
07 March Semi-finalists pitch
Announcement of the 5 finalists
03-08 March TBS Entrepreneurship Week; Coaching TBS
02 April Final Event TBS


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