Maghreb-Turk Forum for Cultural and Economical Diversity

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The “Maghreb-Turk Forum for Culture and Economy” in association with  “Turk-Arab Association for Sciences and Culture and Arts” (TASCA) and “Tunisian Union of Industry and Trade and Craft industry” (UTICA), and also in association with several Maghrebian cultural and civilian organisations are pleased to invite you to take part to the second edition of the activities of the cultural and economical Maghreb-Turk forum which will take place in Tunisia between 20th and 25th of February, 2014. 

This forum aims to contribute to the promotion of fair partnership in different fields and with a strategic vision in particular between Maghreb countries and Turkeys, and in general the Arab-Turk partnership.

Are going to attend this cultural and economical festival more than 300 people that coming from Maghrebian countries and Turkey, and other Arab and African and European participants. This cultural and economical forum, faithful to its motto “far from political and ideological conflicts”, within the framework of respect of diversity and opening, confirm that invitation is for every person and all academic, scientific and cultural institutions, and media and business men and women and their economic group, and youth and women organisations, and different actors of civil society.

The cultural and economical Maghreb-Turk forum will organise the following activities:

– International symposium on scientific and cultural partnership between the Arabs and the Turks (tools of dialogue between Arabic spirit and Turkish spirit and he means to reinforce cooperation between Arabic and Turkish academic and research institutions);

– Maghreb-Turk forum for business men and women that will rely on symposium about economical partnership, bilateral meetings and site visits to industrial facilities;

– Workshop to discuss on the project to implement a Maghrebian council for trade and partnership and investment;

– Workshop to discuss on the project to carry out Maghrebian coordination for academic and cultural and civilian and media organisations;

– Workshop and exhibitions Maghrebian-Turkish on ceramic art;

– Evenings and meetings between cultural and scientific elites;

– Maghrebian-Turkish music and folk shows;

– Cultural and touristic trips to some Tunisian monuments.

Please be informed that deadline for subscription is on 20th of January, 2014.

Yours sincerely

Dr. Muhammed Al-Adil
President of Maghreb-Turk Forum for Culture and Economy
President of Turkish-Arab Association, Ankara

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