LaunchGood : Supporting Great Ideas


Supporting Great Ideas

Most great ideas – a new children’s book, a community garden, an innovative prayer mat – require some level of financial support to get off the ground. That’s where LaunchGood comes in. LaunchGood is a crowdfunding platform supporting Muslims pursuing great, creative and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Crowdfunding Basics

Crowdfunding is used to raise money for tangible projects with specific monetary goals.  You make a pitch (often times projects have video pitches in addition to written), set a deadline (30 days or less), set a financial goal, and even offer rewards for donations.  Then you get out there and ask everyone you know to check out your project and support it!  Browse through our projects to get a sense of what it looks like.

More than Crowdfunding, Community-funding

Since crowdfunding became popular a few years ago, it’s been transformational. Millions of dollars are donated every day to support thousands of unique projects all across the world. But for all the success, the reality is 90% of projects never reach their goal – most projects just can’t find enough supporters to make it happen. LaunchGood is different because it is specifically focused on – but not limited to – the Muslim community. Because we have a community of donors who love supporting projects in this community, we are able to provide a much greater chance for success. How much? Up to a 25% boost – that’s pretty awesome!

Muslim, not Islamic

LaunchGood is simply here to support Muslims doing great work. We’re not interested in getting into polemic discussions, labels (like « Islamic »), politics, etc. We’re proudly Muslim and proud of our heritage as pioneers, inventors, entrepreneurs and bearers of all things good. The Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم said, « The believer is like a life-bringing rain, wherever they are they bring benefit. » We believe in Muslims doing great work that benefits everyone, not just Muslims.


Why be one of 5000 projects on another crowdfunding site when you can be one of 5 or 10?  LaunchGood selectively chooses the best projects that apply and works directly with them to craft their message, rewards, and strategy to get the most out of their campaign.  We are real people who are accessible and passionate about helping you succeed.


LaunchGood offers incredible flexibility.  You can choose between an « All-or-Nothing » campaign (you must reach your goal to get your funds, otherwise nobody’s credit cards are charged and no money exchanged) or « Partial Funding » (you keep what you raise, regardless of whether you reach your goal).  And in emergency scenarios, we can even help change your goal (raise/lower it) and end date (extend/shorten it).


LaunchGood is taking crowdfunding to the next level by being a truly collaborative platform. We encourage groups to create « community pages » and everytime they have a new project it can be listed in their community page. On top of that, projects that belong to multiple communities – for example the Islamic Center of Somewhere and the Muslim Fulan Association – can be listed in both communities. Just one more way to get Muslims working together.


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