UmmahHub: Helping projects succeed – Islamic Crowdfunding

What is UmmahHub exactly?

UmmahHub is a crowd funding platform for Muslim projects. It provides an arena for organizations, charities, start-ups, and projects to gain exposure on the wonderful work they are doing and rally support from their community.

Why we built UmmahHub

About this time last year, during the charitable giving season of Ramadan, our team was having an informal chat about the ineffectiveness of fundraising in our muslim communities. Too many organizations competing for money from the the same network of people at the same time. They are mainly dependant on their one-on-one relationships with a small volume of large donations, not leveraging the exponential exposure that can come from utilizing social media and from relying on a high volume of small affordable donations. Also, larger organizations with more volunteers and a greater marketing budget often shadow creative and inspiring new projects that also require support.

And what about the donators? The rewards from Allah(swt) and the warm fuzzy feeling that comes with giving are usually the rewards obtained from donating – but imagine if the donor was engaged with the fundraisers? They get to read about the project and the team, understand where their money is going and how it’s being spent. They are inspired – inspired to spread the word, become your advocates, become your volunteers, and per chance be inspired to lead a new project for their community.

​ So, being a technology company, we set out to build a solution: a simple, niche crowd funding platform which allows Islamic projects of all sizes to build connections and gain support from their ummah.

Why we’re passionate about it.

You see, if an ummah excels at the simple aspect of supporting it’s community, a lot of other chips fall into place. Community members are engaged, volunteerism goes up, new leaders are motived and empowered to start new projects. In short, a more dynamic, supportive, creative and in sync muslim community is built. Community members are engaged, they know where their money is going and how they can further help. Project leaders are empowered; they can focus on the great work they’re doing instead of endlessly running around fundraising. This means better programs, greater reach, and a stronger ummah.

We share a mission: Our Ummah’s Success.

​ Our mission at UmmahHub is the same as yours: to make your Muslim Projects more successful. As of today, UmmahHub is accepting project proposals, so let’s get started. Tell us more about your project, and we’ll be in touch to see how we can help. And please help us spread the word.

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