Tunisian Entrepreneurs – Tunisia Three Years After the Revolution

Tunisia Three Years After the Revolution


Submitting your project for support

Among the main goals of our organization is to support the business community in Tunisia to get closer to the business community in the US.  Within this program, we are offering our help and support to Tunisia’s entrepreneurs to get their projects and business ideas off the ground by leveraging our experience and our contacts in the US.

Specifically, we have been approached by several US government and non-governmental agencies seeking opportunities to also support entrepreneurship in Tunisia.  They pledge support in the form of organizing conferences and forums where Tunisian entrepreneurs are matched with the appropriate US businessmen and corporations, and also providing funding options for approved projects.

If you are a Tunisian entrepreneur who would like to take advantage of these opportunities, please submit an application here or email our projects team.

Facts about foreign investments in the US

The United States is the world’s largest recipient of  Foreign Direct Investments (FDI). More than $134 billion in FDI flowed into the United Stated in 2009. The United States has been historically a very attractive investment destination due to its low-risk profile as compared to other leading global economies.

The US market is recovering from the economic downturn at a faster rate rather than the European Union (EU), the traditional and main partner of Tunisia. The slowdown in the EU and the crisis in a number of European countries have illustrated the need for Tunisia to tap into new more dynamic and growing markets such as the US.

Why the US market

The United States has always provided foreign investors a stable and welcoming market with a transparent legal system, low taxes, outstanding infrastructure, and access to the world’s most lucrative consumer market.

Tunisian entrepreneurs could consider doing business with the US through direct exports, investment and partnerships with US firms, franchising, and subcontracting for US firms.

Support to Tunisian Investors

Different resources are available for Tunisian entrepreneurs both in the US or locally in Tunisia through the American Embassy, the Tunisian American Chamber of Commerce (TACC), the Export Promotion Center (CEPEX) and one of its fund, dedicated to encouraging exports, FAMEX.

With its professional network of Tunisian Diaspora members and American friends in the US, TAYP is committed to supporting Tunisian investors willing to expand their business in the US market. TAYP’s advisory pole can help you with the following questions:

  • How to take advantage of the information and resources available.
  • How to approach a US based company to develop a partnership.
  • What conditions should be met to maximize your chances of success.

Through its American based network and connections within the Tunisian and Arab-American Dispora, TAYP can also help you connect with the right companies and individuals. Finally, we are currently working on a set of best practices and lessons learned aimed at the Tunisian private sector that will help them with doing business with the United States.

Success Story (Tunisian companies doing business in the US)

– Les Moulins Mahjoub (Olive Oil). Click here to read about their story or watch this video

Useful links

www.investamerica.gov  (Primary US Government mechanism to manage foreign investment promotion)

http://tunisia.usembassy.gov (Embassy of the United Stated in Tunisia)

www.commerce.gov (United States Department of Commerce)

www.tacc.org.tn (Tunisian American Chamber of Commerce)

www.cepex.nat.tn (Centre de Promotion des Exportations)

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