THE COUNTDOWN : Build Tunisia in 20 Hours

Three words that mean many things to people when linked together: Idea, innovation and time. Looking outside one’s own box is to challenge one’s abilities in order to create something new. The question is not whether we are creative or not. The question is whether we are aware of our powers of creativity and are able to expand and use them purposefully. Therefore, you have to DARE CHANLLANGING YOURSELF.
Lamar Cole once wrote  » a small idea is the birthplace of great accomplishments  » and since we , the makers of this event believe that every idea no matter how trivial it may seem should be pursued to the end , we are devoted to provide you with the means necessary to nurture your ideas and to make the impossible possible. The whole thing is a great opportunity to give as much as you receive , to be inspired by great leaders and work on your own project in order to inspire the future generations. It is a straightforward idea with a simple process that consists in gathering a group of ambitious participants on 20 december to receive extensive training sessions in the fields they judge to be essential to realizing their ideas and turning them into flawless projects. Those projects will then be displayed before a jury of professionals to evaluate it and reward the best among it.
Please keep in mind: « Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last, you create what you will » – George Bernard Shaw.
BIG surprises waiting for the winner
In this race against time, who will be the winner?

Avez-vous déjà pensé à créer votre propre projet et essayer de changer le monde avec ?
Vous n’avez pas trouvé la parfaite occasion,n’est ce pas ?
«The countdown » vous offre maintenant cette chance !Etant une première en Tunisie , cet événement a pour objectif fusionner la formation et la production .
les participants recevront une formation intensive à propos tous les outils nécessaires pour réaliser leurs projets, ensuite ils se trouveront seuls , divisés en groupes de 10 personnes , dans une course contre la montre , pour terminer leurs projets avant le lendemain où tous les œuvres seront présentés devant un jury d’experts .
DE GRANDES surprises attend les gagnants

Et que le meilleur gagne ! :APPLICATION

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