Tunisia Investment Forum « TIF » – June 2013

New Tunisia: Towards a New Investment Sustainable Strategy

Tunisia Investment Forum « TIF« , was launched by FIPA-Tunisia in June 2011 to give a new look to the Carthage Investment Forum that it has been organizing for 12 years and to reflect the colors and spirit of the new post-revolutionary Tunisia. TIF 2013 invites its public this year on June 13 to 14, 2013 at the El Mouradi Gammarth Hotel, Tunis.

TIF, Tunisia flagship economic event, brings together every year the elite of businessmen, managers and high-level policy-makers, representatives of international organizations and experts, to introduce Tunisia investment environment and the opportunities continuously generated by its historic attractiveness.

TIF 2013 takes place in this exceptional year in the Tunisian history, strongly dominated by the political milestones, about topics largely inspired by the current context and particularly focused on the perspectives the country is moving to: « New Tunisia: towards a new investment sustainable strategy « .

This edition will communicate about the major reforms Tunisia implemented in its investment policy and the country’s attractiveness in terms of sustainability. Based upon this, two workshops will debate about the following topics: the new Investment Code, the new investment governance process – high added value investment opportunities.

Why debating about the new Investment Code? It is clear that beyond the regulatory and incentive framework provided by an investment law, the new Code specifically stands for a law for investment that should give durability to the Tunisian investment policy. This durability is not only the key for sustainable operational investments in Tunisia, but also a guarantee of predictability for potential investments.

The new Code provisions dedicated to entrepreneurial freedom, equality of treatment, investment guarantees and transparency, and the simplification of procedures, as stated by experts, will not fail to identify new investment opportunities sought by high added value leading industries and sectors, which should constitute the heart of the industrial dynamics for years to come. This is how the second workshop in the morning of June 14th will discuss the Tunisian offer for a number of sectors expected to experience a considerable momentum with the new Code including: aerospace, offshoring, biotechnology, renewable energy, etc.

What are TIF 2013 new components? The first day, which is usually devoted to registration and the opening ceremony, will feature two thematic workshops. The first will bring together experts and professionals from around the Mediterranean to discuss « innovative FDI attraction in the Mediterranean region. » The second workshop « Involving Tunisian skills abroad in the development process » will provide an opportunity to share the new regulatory and institutional perspectives with a community dear to Tunisia, which, with its resources and ideas can be a key player in the future sustainable investment strategy.

TIF 2013 also represents a business platform through B2B meetings based on customized services and including targeted meetings support, selection and organization.

The two days of TIF 2013 will be highly intensive. They also include four workshops, nearly 30 speakers, 500 scheduled business appointments, and especially 7 awards. Be among the first to book your place at this prominent event that attracts every year some 1,200 to 1,500 participants from Tunisia, and more than 30 foreign countries.


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