Entrepreneurship and Enterprise

Entrepreneurship and Enterprise
Skills around the World: Tunisia
ANETI, the Agency for Employment and Independent Work, offers a suite of programmes aimed at helping young people set up their own business. This is encouraged by the government to create jobs and improve the economy. The success rate of this business start up scheme is around 80-90%. It runs “jeune enterprise” days which bring together the best of these business start ups and celebrate the best businesses.

Staff at ANETI work with ETF on the entrepreneurship programme for the MEDA region. They are currently looking at setting indicators for the region to show progression in enterprise education and encouraging entrepreneurial activity in society and the community.

A new “Espace Metiers” is being set up to help young people think entrepreneurially.

Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP)

The Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP) promotes the creation and/or growth of enterprises through a national team of trainers and counsellors. It provides training and counselling to young promoters to establish their own business and to reduce the failure rate of start-ups, thereby contributing to the country’s economic growth.

In Tunisia, the EDP programme was launched as a pilot in 2006 thanks to the strong commitment of CJD (Centre des Jeunes Dirigeants), API (Association pour la Promotion de l’Industrie), CAWTAR (Centre of Arab Women for Training and Research), BPME (Banque pour le financement des Petites et Moyennes Entreprises), BTS (Banque Tunisienne de Solidarieté  and Agfund (Arab Gulf Programme for United Nations Development Organisations) and the technical support of the UNIDO/ITPO Bahrain .

Since 2007, six training sessions have been completed and 75 entrepreneurs have been trained. Out of the total number of project participants, only 15% have dropped out, 35% are starting up/developing their businesses and 60% are in the pre start-up phase.



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