US-Maghreb Entrepreneurship Conference 2013 in Tunisia

US-Maghreb Entrepreneurship Conference 2013 in Tunisia

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As the 3rd annual US-Maghreb Entrepreneurship Conference, this convening will continue to serve as a forum to convene members of the PNB-NAPEO network, including North African business leaders and entrepreneurs, aspiring youth entrepreneurs, business leaders of the North African Diaspora, along with US business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Building off the success of the 2nd US-Maghreb Entrepreneurship Conference in Marrakech, the conference will include a series of plenary sessions and workshops addressing entrepreneurship, education, the IT sector, and cross-regional business opportunities, as well as other important topics relevant to the Maghreb and beyond.

Event Information
Date Location Contact
Thursday, April 25, 2013
Phone: 202-721-5589

This event is by invitation only.

The conference included:

  • Moderated discussions on key issues and challenges for advancing entrepreneurship, including: improving access to capital for entrepreneurs and start-ups, high impact cooperation with the Maghreb diaspora in the United States, catalyzing youth entrepreneurship, sharing success and challenges stories and perspectives from US and Maghreb business leaders.
  • Working sessions focused on how to promote cross-border business partnership initiatives through PNB-NAPEO in areas such as, incubating innovation and technology for start-ups, cross-border education and job skills training for youth, and exploring business opportunities in the creative industries.
  • Capacity building workshops and mentoring for entrepreneurs as well as networking opportunities. The purpose of these discussions and workshops will be to encourage action oriented partnerships and cross-regional and US-Maghreb cooperation.

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