: crowd-map by I WATCH is a crowd-map developed by I WATCH Tunisia to help citizens report cases of corruption. Our aim is to empower the citizen and engage her/him in the long fight against corruption.
The map is going to be used by people to report corruption. So far there are no other groups using maps in Tunisia for such an aim. The map is going to be used first to quantify corruption. Corruption after

the revolution became commonplace. People should be able to report real time the cases of corruption. The aim of the Map at the beginning is to quantify corruption. In the mid-term, the corruption cases reported will be used to help victims and witnesses to make their voices heard, and for civil society and public servant to investigate corruption cases. The access to the data in going to be public while protecting the identity of the reporters. The map will have a deterrence role.
I WATCH is a Tunisian independent non-profit watchdog organization aiming at pointing out corruption and enhancing transparency.

I WATCH gathers a group of motivated young men and women from different regions of the country working on preserving the gains of the revolution. I WATCH is founded upon two main principles:1) No Exclusion: I WATCH does not exclude anybody on the basis of religion, political or even regional background.

2) No Trusteeship: I WATCH believes in the youth and empowers them; Young men and women who made the revolution are trustworthy and should be involved in the decision-making process. No trusteeship should be exercised over the youth under the pretext of “lack of experience”.

Precisely, I WATCH was created after the Tunisian revolution during the Kasbah 2 Sit-in February 2011. Though the Tunisian youth played the biggest role in the revolution, they were excluded from the political scene and from the decision making process. Thus, the organization came to fill the gap in the political arena. It aimed at giving a voice to and empowering the youth. That is why; I WATCH is one of the rare youth led organizations in which the average age of its members is 23 years old and of its leadership 24 years old. I WATCH also believed in the role women played and still playing during the revolution and in the democratic transition, especially in the internal regions. Consequently, in the 4 local chapters we have all over Tunisia, 80% of our members are females.

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