Algeria : Successful Entrepreneurship Experiences Conference

SEE Conference

Successful Entrepreneurship Experiences Conference

Dates Postponed to 13th, 14th January 2013

Algiers- ALGERIA

organised by: Cizar Ccc. Ltd

Corporate Communication Consultants

With partnership of the University of Sciences and Techn olgies Houari Boumediene » USTHB » and the Ministry of ICT and Post of Algeria.

After the big success of last year Last year 2011 Event Co-organized by Cizar ccc, International Seminar on: University and Entrepreneurship

With a big honor we have gathered more than 17 countries and more than 25 national Universities.

Cizar ccc organize the 1st Edition of :

SEE Conference: Successful Entrepreneurship Experiences

on January 13th, 14th, 2013,

in Algiers-Algeria.

Your Entrepreneurial Experience  , is considered as a source of inspiration to our initiative, and we hope share with you this experience by inviting you to our conference.

Axes of this conference are available on this link:


The objectives of this 1st Edition is to share the most successful Entrepreneurship Experience in:

-Eductation of Entrepreneuship

– Startups and new innovative business ventures.

-Success stories

* We target those experiences come from the:

North America: USA, Canada and Mexico.

And Latin America: Chili, Brazil, Argentina

Europe: Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, UK, Finland, Denmark, Austria, Turkey

Asia: China, Japan, India, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia

Africa: Mauritius, South Africa, Togo, Tunisia, Morocco, Benin.

Axis of the Conference:

  • An event dedicated to developing entrepreneurs network between Algerian and the whole participants countries
  • Develop program that enhance entrepreneurial skills and abilities, and to improve the environment in which entrepreneurs starts and grow businesses
  • Celebrating the Innovators and job creators from Algeria who launch startups that bring Ideas to life, drive economic growth and expand human welfare
  • Making the world’s most Successful Entrepreneurship Experiences available for Algerian and for other countries: the idea is to create a strong Network of leading businesses and technologies who are thought leaders, upstart Innovators in different Areas around the world.
  • In behalf of all exposed Experiences: trying to build” Strategy for Algerian Innovation” , call on nation’s Universities and institutes to prepare students to innovations in Entrepreneurship work place, and there by contribute to the nation’s economic growth.
SEE Conference Chair: Dr. Cizar Bachir BRAHIM
Schedule and Agenda of the Conference:
SOON WILL BE PUBLISHED on our web site

List  of foreign Experiences :

Speaker Institution
Pr. James BEACH Founder   & CEO of School for startups, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  Partner at The Metro Atlanta Chamber, USA.Ex Professor at University of Georgia, USA
Pr. Luis QUINONES ESCOBAR Rector at Centre Lota Arauco (CFT), Concepcion University, Chile.
Pr. David A. KIRBY Founder Dean of the Business Administration Faculty at British University in Egypt « BUE ».Fellow of the UK Institute of Higher Education and an adjunct Professor in the University of South Australia and Loughborough University in the UK.
Pr. Dhrubes BISWAS Head of Indian Institute of Technology, Rajendra Mishra School of Engineering Entrepreneurship, Science & Technology Entrepreneurs’ Park, India.
Pr. Eric LAMARQUE Professeur à l’Université de Bordeaux 4 Montesquieu, France.
Dr. Naima CHERCHEM Professeur à HEC Montréal, Canada.
Pr. Hejer ZHIRI Professeur à L’Institut Supérieur des Etudes Technologiques de Sfax « ISET Sfax », Tunisie.
Pr. Etienne ST JEAN      etPr. Aziz NAFAA Professeur d’Université du Québec trois rivières, Canada.Chercheur au Centre de Recherche en Economie Appliquée pour le Développement « CREAD » Algérie
Pr. Carlos SILVA PONCE Directeur du Centre de Formation Technique de l’Université Catholique de Valparaiso, Chili
Pr. Dominique LIAUTARD Université Aix Marseille , l’Ecole de Journalisme et de Communication de Marseille, EJCM, France 
Pr. Georges Hénault Professeur émérite de l’Université d’Ottawa en sciences de gestion, Canada. 
  Ex Directeur de L’Institut de la Francophonie pour l’Administration et la Gestion «  IFAG », Sofia, Bulgarie.
Pr.Benoit d’AIGUILLON Université Aix Marseille, Ecole de Journalisme et de Communication de Marseille, EJCM, France 
Dr. Cizar   Bachir       BRAHIM Founder & CEO of Cizar ccc «corporate communication Consultants », Mauritius
List of Entrepreneurial Experiences from Algeria: ( This list is not final, and still open for other experiences)
Speaker Institution
Mr. Issad REBRAB Fondateur et PDG du Groupe CEVITAL
Dr. Cizar Bachir Brahim Founder & CEO of CIZAR CCC «  corporate communication Consultants »
Mr. Adbel Yamine ZEINOU Founder & Co-Manager of BIT BAIT INTERNATIONAL
Mr. Mohamed Kamel Osmane Project Manager MEDAFCO DEVELOPPEMENT

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