Why Business Partnerships Die

Kelly Business Advisors, LLC.

Interesting…yet true! Enjoy…

Marriage is hard.  Half of marriages end in divorce, so say the oft-quoted statistics, and keeping committed to a relationship over a lifetime of bumps in the road is no simple task.

Just like a marriage, the road to a successful partnership is a long, hard, and winding one that requires attention, energy, and effort to maintain.  The voyage can be treacherous, so avoiding the potholes in the partnership road requires a good map, a keen awareness of the obstacles on the path, and a steadfast focus on reaching your destination.

Like meeting, courting, and marrying the mate of your dreams, closing a partnership deal is a respectable feat unto itself that is worthy of celebration.  Getting from a Value Hypothesis to a signed contract is an accomplishment that requires many hours of time, energy, and effort.  But as hard as it is to get a deal…

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