L'heure pour entreprendre!

Got this out of a course on « Theories and Concepts of Entrepreneurship »:

1.  Entrepreneurship is an integral part of Islam.
2.  By virtue of human nature ,  the Muslim entrepreneurs are  ‘khalifah’ and have the reponsibilities to develop prosperity and sees business as part of ibadah or good deed.
3.  Motivation – success in Islam is not merely measured by the end result but also the way and means of achieving them.
4.  Ibadah – business activity is part of ibadah or « good deed »
5.  Islamic Economic System –  Islamic entrepreneurship should operate within the domain of the Islamic economic system and act as the vehicle towards global acceptance of the Islamic economic system.

6.  Guiding Principles of Islamic Entrepreneurship is by the al-Quran and al-Hadith
7.  Entrepreneurial Ethics based on exemplary conducts of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W


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