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Sub-Saharan Africa did very poorly on the latest World Economic Forum’s Networked Readiness Index (NRI) with the majority of the region lagging in the bottom half of the 138 countries being ranked in the report. Exceptions were Mauritius (which ranks 47th) and South Africa (which ranks 61st).
Burundi (137th) and Chad (138th) were the worst ranked of all countries on the list.
Rwanda, which probably would have fared pretty well within Sub-Saharan Africa, was not ranked. This is rather strange since Rwanda’s ICT efforts are mentioned in the report. Moreover, Rwanda’s government has set the country on a fast-lane to technology growth.
The ranking holds some surprises. The Gambia and Senegal rank higher than Kenya even though Kenya did rise 9 places since the 2010 report. Hmmm. How much did The Gambian and Senegalese governments pay? 🙂
Here are the rankings of Sub-Saharan African countries
Country Rank Notable Improvement
Mauritius 47
South Africa 61
Gambia 76
Senegal 80
Kenya 81 up 9 spots since 2010
Namibia 82 up 7 spots since 2010
Cape Verde 84
Botswana 91
Ghana 99
Zambia 102
Nigeria 104
Malawi 105 up 14 since 2010
Mozambique 106 up 10 since 2010
Uganda 107 up 8 since 2010
Côte d’Ivoire 113
Benin 114
Tanzania 118
Mali 120
Lesotho 121
Burkina Faso 122
Ethiopia 123
Cameroon 125
Mauritania 130
Zimbabwe 132
Angola 133
Swaziland 134
Burundi 137
Chad 138

The full report is available of the World Economic Forum website for download (pdf)

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