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Can I interest you in some gladiator sweat?

A stone’s throw from Gladiator’s El Djem amphitheater in Tunisia, enterprising business owners would sell gladiator sweat as an exclusive, pricey product to wealthy women who believed the liquid would bring them the vitality of the fearless fighters. Lire le reste de cette entrée »


This article was co-written with Ali Mnif, Country Manager, Silatech in Tunisia.

Tunisia is perhaps best known for its successful transition to democracy in the wake of the 2011 Arab Spring, but despite the political transition and compromises that landed the Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet the Nobel Peace Prize in 2015, the economy has faced significant challenges over the past years. Lire le reste de cette entrée »

The link https://youtu.be/i0M8NyOkeLs

Tunisia loses a place and ranks 87th

Untitled Lire le reste de cette entrée »

LONDON, United Kingdom, October 16, 2018 / – Africa Oil Week ( www.Africa-OilWeek.com ), the First International Summit for the African Oil and Gas Sector, will take place in Cape Town, South Africa from November 5th to 9th 2018. Building on 25 years of success, the Summit is adding new sessions and initiatives this year to the conference program to drive deals, reach agreements and create new partnerships. Lire le reste de cette entrée »

La Côte d’Ivoire n’est pas une nouvelle destination pour les entreprises tunisiennes. Celles-ci s’y sont implantées pour exporter leurs produits et services, et ont commencé à y investir dans des unités de production. Un vol direct relie Tunis et Abidjan six fois par semaine et le visa entre les deux pays pour un séjour jusqu’à trois mois a été supprimé. Lire le reste de cette entrée »



And once again, its “NATEG Days” time.
For eight years now, the three days lasting event didn’t seized to impress attenders with its pleasant ambience, sophisticated preparations and attractive content. Lire le reste de cette entrée »

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